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A lightweight, modern and secure code bin for developers.

Created with the user in consideration. All what you need as a developer.

All for free, no need to login.

A simple bin, fitted for all your needs.

Not really all but it doesn’t hurt to try it out, doesn’t it?

No need to worry about speed.

Within a few taps, a new bin can be created.

Supports over 118 languages.

We most likely support your programming language.

AES-256 Encrypted.

Another lovely marketing strategy but we do encrypt the contents of the bin with AES-256, no worries!

Auto-completion support!

The text editor we use supports auto-completion for several languages, to assist you in editing, creating snippets and sharing them on-the-go without opening more documentations!


a small project by Mana Network, created on March 2021.

email us at [email protected]