Shindou Mihou

A traveler in the dark; a simple person who wishes to the explore the limitless digital world.

A Liliful World

A Liliful World

“A fluffy story for pure enjoyment”

Think about it, what were to happen if you were reincarnated to the virtual world you wanted to create; what a dream right, being able to live peacefully with no limitations… That was what I thought; the experiment failed…?! And to make it worse, I met a Yuri-fanatic Goddess who wishes to reincarnate me to the world I attempted to create but in exchange… I had to entertain her with yuri?!

“What is going to happen to me?!!!!”

The Vampire Empress

“The town building romance story that no one asked for.”

To think that I, someone who once was the proud heiress of the vampire clan, would be transported to another world to help humans prosper, what kind of ridiculous request is this…?! WHAT?! You are making me manage a cursed town?! AGAIN, WHAT?! The young king is spreading love-stricken rumors about me and worse, the demon queen is interested me?! GIVE ME A BREAK, I JUST WANTED MY COFFEE AND SLEEP!

The Vampire Empress


“Nothing can beat the power of Waifu and Yuri”

The first Yuri and only Waifu x Yuri Discord bot that you will ever need with features like timely images, memes, manga recommendations, music.

moderation, anime actions, everything anime that you can think of.



“Simplicity is power.”

A simple NoSQL Database written completely in Java with a primary focus of being as simple as possible for both the client and the host

while also not sacrificing as much speed and durability.

Shindou Mihou

Hello, I am Shindou Mihou!

A 16 year old coming from the Philippines who mainly works on Java, PHP, Javascript and several other languages.

I am the sole developer of Mana which is a Discord bot that mainly focuses on the anime community, bringing waifu and yuri images to the chatrooms at an hourly or quarterly basis.

I am also an author of several webnovels which can be found on ScribbleHub.